Whitney Houston meets Michael Jackson in heaven! – Houston Video

In memory of Whitney Houston and all the great artists who left us too soon…

19 Responses to “Whitney Houston meets Michael Jackson in heaven! – Houston Video”

  1. lilmonster2222 says:

    and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii will always miss youuuuuuuuuu!!

  2. julist1010 says:

    Anyone else noticed “Alwayes” on 1:48 :p ?

  3. jamesdestry says:

    This is why Hell has enlarged her mouth….to receive the pomp of this world….and such bad taste ….. so disrespectful ….. get a life…or is it to late…

  4. MsBlazzer1 says:

    done in nice taste, no disrespect 2 noone

  5. Priscilla Lee says:

    That is a horrible video!

  6. ondre carter says:

    Fuck you whoever made this video I hate when people make fun of dead people

  7. rejohniaharrell says:

    Hehe don’t we Love music

  8. digtalmems says:

    hehehe we love our music legends, don’t we???

  9. BMYQTY1 says:

    Once in lifetime you get Greta artist like this now we got all the shit satanic singer Rihanna lady gaga etc

  10. BMYQTY1 says:

    We need tupac and bob marley there mj rip legends

  11. LolyLily345 says:


  12. guynaz says:

    OMG! This had me rolling!!!

  13. superdiva7660 says:

    It was funny

  14. IceGameTV says:

    R.I.P Whitney Houston we will miss you very much and so will ur daughter bobbie

  15. Taffygirl269 says:

    lmaooo UR NOT GONNA GET ANY OF MY DOPE .. shh amy!!! LMFAOOO

  16. SuperEnvyify says:

    Amy whine house…….LOL!

  17. cup11champs says:

    This was our first thing that made me cry

  18. Aardvarked88 says:

    This is unbelievably shit and unfunny

  19. MrAllerup says:

    MJ the only king <3


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