one direction what makes you beautiful houston texas 6 24 12 – Houston Video niall and harry did not kiss. they whispered. louis got mad because he was jealous. i’ll let you figure out on your own why he would be jealous.
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  1. coach9087 says:

    you people r stupid if you think they kissed , it doesnt even look like they kissed

  2. mafechala says:

    en el Min 1:48 Que le Hace Zayn A Harry Y cuando Le Jala La CamiiSa..

  3. IngridMcCurdian says:

    No,no es..rayos crei que si era xDD

  4. lobo66637 says:

    look to louis , are jealous

  5. VITORIA31960 says:

    nada a ver eles foram falar algua coisa no ovido mais so paresse que eles estao se beijando

  6. coolguyorg says:


  7. derDeutscherMann92 says:

    It looks like the one in the red plaid shirt has an erection after “the kiss”.

  8. YasiDaDramaQueen says:


  9. KimyLovesICONicBoyz says:

    they dont kiss. harry was trying to tell something too niall but that wud be awsome if they did kiss … some one direction action ! lmfao . xD there so cute :/

  10. vinnycyrus says:

    eles falaram no ouvido mais o Harry é bi assumido só pra constar !

  11. Gisela Dominguez says:

    00:33 whaaaaaaaat !!!!!!!!

  12. annarauhl says:

    Ah, dá pra ver claramente que o harry foi dizer algo p niall e ai ele virou na hora, mas como a camera sai do foco, parece que foi beijo

  13. Luana anjinha das trevas says:

    haa velho nada a ver .. eles devem ter ido falar alguma coisa no ouvido e viraram ao mesmo tempo .. quero que se fods a opinião de vcs

  14. 1Dstolemyheart1 says:

    no they didn’t 🙁

  15. jaybird5589 says:

    Dude I sooo should’ve been there but the tickets sold out too fast:((

  16. JessA309 says:


  17. DenysMarcela says:

    Yeah they didn’t kiss, it’s a big lie, pause the video at 0:35 if you look carefully Niall turn his face and harry say somenthing.

  18. julietgonz says:

    who cares

  19. Crystal9918 says:

    i waz there it waz amazing!!!!

  20. takya smedegaard says:

    bitch no im not jealus, i just think that it is kind of gay if they did…

  21. Caitlin Kristine says:

    Sat Selena Gomez 5 times
    Clap ur hands 5 times
    Repost on two more videos
    Check ur voice


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