BET Awards 2012 (Whitney Houston Tribute) Monica, Brandy Cissy Houston Recap – Houston Video

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Video Rating: 3 / 5

22 Responses to “BET Awards 2012 (Whitney Houston Tribute) Monica, Brandy Cissy Houston Recap – Houston Video”

  1. Justin Garcia says:

    Hi Kiki! I thought your review was hot and a lot of ENERGY!!! Was the first time watching you and LUV it… Stay strong and keep it coming…

  2. orunaufa says:

    You kind of dumbass question is this. And who the fuck are you. 

  3. ruckeme says:

    what the hell is this?

  4. prettybishh1123 says:

    fat ass

  5. LV656 says:

    seriously wat a loada crap…

  6. prettygalparis says:

    @MessyMyles the other guy that opened up the show was Pusha T

  7. prettygalparis says:

    and no fucks are given

  8. anw14 says:

    Branching from your best female hip hop artist, there are a lot of female hip hop artists that are not selling or mainstream. Lola Monroe, Rasheeda. I could keep going. And I don’t think Beyonce should’ve won best female R&B artist. We all know she’s good but I feel like Mary J. Blige should have got that one. And Brandy is always going to be the bomb!!! And she can dance. Have you seen her music videos? Lol. Plus I’m so excited for her new album!!! 🙂

  9. RubiBenitez says:


  10. ylesraechelle21 says:

    she hi t that!!!!!

  11. countrygirl3192 says:

    Love it agree with everything

  12. kasjamm says:

    Monica is overrated as hell

  13. btterfly16 says:

    YOU hit it on the head!!
    Oh my damn I’m over here ROOOLLL’N

  14. RaphaelBrown3476543 says:

    lol great commentary. Monica was amazing. I totally DISAGREE with your idea on a different type of tribute. It was perfect as is. I do agree that the same bull BET does each year makes the show predictable. As far as the z list celebrities closing the show its purely publicity to push the artist. I understand from a point of integrity that Whitney tribute should have closed. The producers of the show do need to listen to viewers. Lastly BET is owned by VIACOM and that is where the problem lies

  15. 1uhot426 says:

    where the hell did brandy get her body from, she always was thin as hell…maybe she is no longer vegetarian.

  16. snowballinski says:

    lol!! ur voice isnt bad even though u didnt know the words lol @MessyMyles

  17. RellC1984 says:


  18. TheEvrf says:


  19. shortbus goofy says:

    u remind me the way tamar was acting at the pre show lol

  20. Amirah Sales says:

    i agree about monique…she killed her years….but everything so true.!!

  21. baileijournet says:

    Dis wasn’t even about Brandy so y have a pic of her in covet of da video

  22. twizzyworld says:

    Fucking fat bitch taking up space gay ass


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