Whitney Houston . Saving All My Love For You Live HD – YouTube.flv – Houston Video

I will always love u ,la canción mas recordada de Whitney Houston, pero, esta me trae tan gratos recuerdos que hacen sea Mi favorita . Tw @annafusionworld A few stolen moments is All that se share U got your family, and they need you there Thougth i’ve tried To resist , Being last on your list But no Other man’s gonna do So i’m Saving All my love for u It’s not very easy , living All alone My friends try and tell me , fino a man of my own But each time i try , i just break down and cry I Cause rather be home feeling blue So i’m Saving All my love for u You used To tell me we has Run Away together Love gives you The right To be free you said be patient , just wait a little longer but just an old fantasy
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19 Responses to “Whitney Houston . Saving All My Love For You Live HD – YouTube.flv – Houston Video”

  1. paulimadonna says:

    I sometimes forget she is dead cause she is still alive throught her videos!

  2. tiaptp says:

    ohh she looks like a barbie doll with the voice of an angel…Rest in peace

  3. MrJuan7105 says:

    me encantaa

  4. benniew83 says:

    The best ever is all i can say. Omg whitney whitney whitney

  5. ForeverWhit says:

    You know you’re NOT that good if you HAVE NOT won an EMMY AWARD for a live performance. The ONE and ONLY Whitney Elizabeth Houston. Mama Cissy is SO proud. Look at the radiant smile on her face.
    ‘I’ll Always Love You’ Whitney.

  6. derhow says:

    I always call Whitney that “genetic luxury” She had it all. Height, looks, beauty, talent, strength, intelligence, etc.

  7. jorg315 says:

    she was so cute back on those days “CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS” Ohh im crying

  8. MAC VALEN says:

    yes i agree u hav to hav pipes to control ths song the way she does

  9. xxxblasted77 says:

    love u Whitney!

  10. MrMogridge says:

    My God! I love this woman!!!!

  11. jazmine scott says:


  12. TDOTZBRUTHA says:


  13. Kite511 says:

    thanks for letting me know =)

  14. playmayker88 says:

    listen to the pipes at 3:45 on to the end of the song…. do you realize how difficult it is to put out that continuous long note with that kind of stamina over and over like that?!?! Incredible

  15. playmayker88 says:

    One of her best performances ever, and she brought it on music’s biggest stage… still THE performance that defines Grammy history. No only was her voice clear and flawless, but she had excellent wind and stamina. She took a part of this song, which in the studio version , had a pause, and here she just ran through it in one breath 2:18 – 2:29 and still hammered home the ending.
    There will never be another like her. Untouchable.

  16. divaslm1 says:

    She is irreplaceable. She was a trailblazer who took what Aretha did and made it more mainstream in the 80’s, 90’s and beyond. I don’t care what Clive Davis does by trying to have Jennifer Hudson, Brandy, or Monica be the next Ms. Houston, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Just like MJ, she is ONE OF A KIND. A UNIQUE JEWEL AND ANGEL THAT EVEN WITH HER FLAWS HAD A CHANCE TO HAVE US EXPERIENCE WHAT HEAVEN WILL BE LIKE ON EARTH FOR HER REIGN. She is the Voice what God intended.

  17. Gwynne Iverson says:

    julian lennon, john lennon’s son.

  18. ASU19992006 says:

    Whitney was phenomenal in her prime! Supermodel good looks and the VOICE to match! That was one knockout combination, and that’s what sets her a part from other singers. There will never be another WHITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Kite511 says:

    who was that guy next to dionne warwrick?


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