Jeremy Lin Walks to Houston Rockets if New York Knicks Don’t Match – Houston Video

SUBSCRIBE to Next Media Animation: Jeremy Lin may say bye-bye to the New York Knicks if they don’t match the Houston Rockets’ three-year million dollar offer. Facebook: Webpage: Twitter @nmatv: Tumblr: The New York Knicks have until Tuesday night to match the offer, including the final-year .8 million dollar balloon payment, proposed by the Rockets. Many are speculating that the Knicks will pass on this offer. The 23-year-old point guard exploded in popularity last year, but is he worth million? One thing to consider is New York’s luxury tax which puts a .3 million cap on the payroll. Every dollar over that amount must go back to the state in taxes. If Lin stays on the New York Knicks, the team would have to pay around million in luxury tax after taking the other players’ salaries into consideration. Besides the fact that Lin basically revived the New York Knicks, he shows huge amounts of potential. Are the New York Knicks making a huge mistake by potentially passing on this bright star?

21 Responses to “Jeremy Lin Walks to Houston Rockets if New York Knicks Don’t Match – Houston Video”

  1. annedon13 says:

    Melo will always be better than Lin. I like Lin for his hard work and obviously if between him and Melo it will always be Melo is the good choice. I hope Jeremy Lin will be consistent in Houston. He is one great PG.

  2. Killaboyluvsrevenge says:

    It is about money DUMSHIT!

  3. shunshin123 says:

    Jeremy lin should go to the clippers so it could be jeremy lin and blake griffien

  4. pplongstocking says:

    The most overated player in the NBA history.. Now,after 6 months later, who gives a shit to jeremy lin? lol pathetic chinese(including taianese whatever)

  5. mylesusa says:

    Fucking weird ass asians

  6. Gyro911 says:

    @varius456 ooh look forward to another losing season with melo

  7. varius456 says:

    y all lin people hatin on melo i mean he was the only reliable scorer on the team last year and he never played on the same floor as lin for an extended period of time

  8. varius456 says:

    ooh you mad? lol btw melo a superstar not so much amare,but i guess in your eyes lin is the best of all time lol why dont you look up his stats hes cool but completely overrated people like you make me feel better knowing im not a band-wagoner

  9. gaminkalv says:

    I never said that. I said fuck melo.

  10. varius456 says:

    lmao lin isnt even as good as felton and your gonna say….lol you know what forget it you can go on living your fantasies i won’t say anything

  11. varius456 says:

    lmao so lin better than carmelo a 5 time all star after a measly 25 games well good luck on a miserable journey with the houston rockets and a forseeable end to the lin saga forever lol

  12. varius456 says:

    i like the story as well but lin cant do anything by himself he needs some good roleplayers and at least one star which the rockets dont have

  13. CalebSullivanMusic says:

    Why? Some of them are pretty cool

  14. Beatz256 says:

    I should stop watching chinese videos

  15. TheLovableAsian says:

    following lin all the way no matter what, the knicks are stupid for not resigning him

  16. bightj13153 says:


  17. bightj13153 says:

    you sun of bitch

  18. gaminkalv says:

    I’m glad he left the Knicks. Fuck Melo.

  19. EskimanO says:

    ugly taiwang gook fuckanese cunt

  20. Gyro911 says:

    A good move for Lin and a bad move for every knicks fan. I dont blame Jeremy for taking that deal, the knicks made no effort to resign him. Dolan is the worst NBA owner who has no clue how to win in the NBA.. There will be visious backlash and Carmelo and Amare when this team fails to be over .500 which will happen..

  21. Gyro911 says:

    how retarded are the knicks that they chose to keep Dumb and Dumber (Chuckmelo and Amare) over resigning lin .. Only way they win together is if you put Lebron on that team because those two are not superstars. I’m gonna become a Brooklyn nets fan.. Knicks are the worst run organization in sports who cant develop or keep real talent


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