Mass UFO Sighting Over Houston Texas Lights Up Social Media August 2014 – Houston Video

A series of alleged UFO photos taking in Houston Texas storm social media this week leaving people baffled from what they saw. Do you believe in UFO’s, please leave your thoughts. Thanks for…
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    Mass #UFOSighting Over Houston Texas Lights Up Social Media August 2014

  2. Of course there is intelligent life out there, people have been seeing them
    for thousands of years. We’re just too dumb for them to waste their time.
    We had a beautiful planet, and we turned it into a radioactive garbage
    can/sewage tank/….

  3. EL.ite playing games messing with peoples Minds, Hologram projection?
    operation paranoia, we will never know because THEY withhold all the
    interesting information/technology and classify all interdenominational
    contacts remember these “aliens” are so far advance they dont use or need
    spacecrafts of “ufo”

  4. It’s not a craft.. The orbs fly in patterns to make us think it’s a solid
    object.. If this was a solid craft we’d be able to see it.. The Bible
    explains to us what these glowing balls of light really are.. But God
    forbid the news mentions that.. If you think aliens are doing this, good
    luck with that..

  5. Demonic entities can take on any shape, why do you think magicians can
    transform objects, it’s because they’re doing it through the demons(they
    even say this)… UFO’s interestingly come in all shapes and sizes which
    leads me to further believe that some of these sightings are demons/fallen

    Either that or top secret Military aircraft which is a more realistic
    explanation, I think it’s a bit of both when it comes to UFO sights. But
    who knows? maybe there are aliens.

  6. The first red flag is lights. Only someone trying to be seen would light up
    their craft. if they would like to be seen, there’s central park lawn and
    something we call DAYLIGHT. It’s someone messing with people. Simple. I’d
    say a swarm of small drones flying in unison.

  7. Looks like fireworks. Pretty sure that’s all it is.

  8. Its what they do with your money: Army secret stuff

  9. OVNI au dessus du Texas??NEDMAN

  10. I feel sorry for any life form that feels compelled to interact with
    humanity, if we are the best they can do that’s pretty bad, they better be
    highly advanced beings and lack any weaknesses, as soon as mankind
    pinpoints a weakness in these alien beings its going to be game over for
    them. My advice, keep your distance and stay away unless you want to share
    the same fate as the rest of the species mankind exploits daily many times
    just for fun. The way we turn on each other is a clear message of how we
    will treat any other sentient beings. I wish we were different but we are
    what we are. 

  11. I hope the aliens give Barack Ebola.

    WAIT!!! Thats it. Barack Ebola. No more obama. It’s Barack Ebola!!!

    Join in on the fun everyone!! I deserve a bowl for that one. Your welcome

  12. I just read an article about our Military flying their first saucer…

    As if..their first…the first we heard about it anyways… 

  13. 99% Yes to 1% No , LOL Surely That’s Not a Real Poll, Total Mind
    Programing “News” Story. How Come There’s No Moving Footage of This Thing,
    or Other Posts on Youtube by Real People That is Not In a TV Story?
    Thanks for the View as Always HDC
    Whadya Think About This Flooding Lately. Here in Detroit it Screwed Stuff
    Up Pretty Bad. i See in the East of Here it’s Screwing New York Over Now.
    Broke a Hundred Year Record Here.

  14. Problem is, there are so many cheap 3 and 4 prop drones available with LED
    lights and light strips. I can pick up a cheap drone on Ebay for under

    Whatever it is, we are being desensitized when it comes to many things,
    including “so called” aliens. It is the only thing that would change the
    views of the vast majority of religious type people on earth, for an alien
    messiah to fool the world.

  15. Fallen angels with way advanced
    Tech they been around since
    Got tha boot from tha master!!!
    Praise tha lord!!! Dont be deceived.

  16. Still waiting to roll one up with ET!

  17. you’ll be put on a watch list and they will want to send you to the psych
    ward where they would drug you up if you say yes — and if you say no you
    disregard all science and probability. 

  18. No but I believe in demonic beings decieving you

  19. hey man! you should’ve compare that one with the UFO they saw in Mexico or
    brazil, can’t remember exact. but its the same one that they cached a few
    years ago. so i’m guessing that , this particular race is back! :)

  20. This seems to be a reflection of a ceiling light inside a house or vehicle
    overlapping the external image. Do a Google search, there are several cases
    of fakes out there like that. By the way, I believe in extra terrestrial
    life, but these images are not UFOs.

  21. this would be the blimp that’s decorated like a UFO that most people have
    already seen…dumbass

  22. Alot of alien visitors all the time on this planet. Some are here to
    discover and studdy, otters are here to collect foods and the most
    important ones are here on work; work to let us know that they are real. We
    are entering a spiritual level that is at a such way that the aliens them
    self by galactic laws are obligated to let us know because the level allows
    us right to know. But we are still slow and stupid, and they would not care
    to land as long there is wars and killings going on. Also they dont like
    all the animals that is killed for food when we all are born vegitarians
    and its not likely for any landing as long we kill for profit or for any
    otter reason.

  23. Aw, Cool! I’m only a few hours away from Houston, and lately I’ve been
    having dreams about UFOs before I heard about this. I remember seeing a UFO
    when I was younger, and it looked just like that one in the second picture
    they showed. Really fascinating….

  24. “Mass UFO sightings over Texas”…should say massive sightings over the
    entire USA as 80 million are Unfit, Flabby & Obese!

  25. In a different news


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