[Playoffs Ep. 7] Inside The NBA (on TNT) Halftime – Houston vs. Dallas Highlights Game 4 – 4-26-15 – Houston Video

[Playoffs Ep. 7] Inside The NBA (on TNT) Halftime – Houston vs. Dallas Highlights Game 4 - 4-26-15

Inside The NBA on TNT: Sunday April 26, 2015 1st/First Round of NBA Playoffs – Western Conference Playoffs Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks – Game 4 Halftime Highlights Inside The NBA…
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    Thanks for the support, this is the 4-26-15 Rockets vs. Mavs Halftime
    Report – Game 4 [Playoffs Ep. 7] The 4-27-15 Vids will be up later on
    tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. Other 4-26-15 Vids below:

    Inside The NBA (on TNT) Full Episode [Playoff Ep. 7] – 4-26-15

    NBA Tip-Off – Raptors vs. Wizards Preview – 4-26-15

    Toronto Raptors vs. Washington Wizards – Game 4 – Halftime Report –


  2. Hi-larious. Shaq:”New Orleans didn’t foul”. Everyone else:”that’s why they
    at home”!

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  4. hack-a-dummy
    charles is gold

  5. hhahahhaha omg so funny…hack a dummy!!

  6. Shaq is so fucking stupid.

  7. I don’t know how Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson stay sane working with those
    other 2 morons.

  8. There needs to be a petition to get Shaq outta there, he’s a funny guy, but
    as an analyst he’s too sensitive and talks nonsense. No strategy….. the

  9. oh come on Shaq!!

  10. · Edit

    “If you gotta use strategy to try to beat me that’s just telling me you
    soft”. I could find more logic in my farts than in that quote. Apart from
    Shaqtin what the fuck does this gorilla add to this show. They need to
    replace him with C-Webb immediately.

  11. Shaq; “New orleans didn’t foul!” Chuck: “Thats why they going home” Shaq
    sounds like an upset child! EJ probably my favorite with all his sneak
    dissin “Get the jaws of life to get fist out there” LMAO

  12. Thanks so much! Hack a dummy has a nice ring to it.

  13. Lol at Shaq talking about hard work. 6’6 230 pound Shaq wouldn’t even make
    it in the league. Thanks for the upload too.

  14. Shaq just said there no strategy in sports…..how does he have a job as an


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