MX Simulator – 2018 Houston SX Gameplay – Houston Video

It’s almost time for Round 2 of Supercross and Kellen takes you through this week’s track and some of his ideas for what could happen in the coming weekend of racing. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Kellen do you live stream the super cross on YouTube because I don’t get any notifications for it being live

  2. Who else watched all 2 1/2 hours of the livestream, Got me a plate of food, sat back and chilled.

  3. I know they changed the points so everyone earns one, but why did tomac earn a point at all when he DNF Anaheim? If you don't finish you shouldn't earn anything. I don't care if it's lap 2 or the last corner on the last lap, if you crash out and don't finish you shouldn't earn any points.

  4. It seems like Anderson is comfortable with one or two guys in front of him but he doesn't want to be in the spot light out front. Could just be me but he's always right there in 2nd. I hope he breaks out of that and wins this weekend!
    If not then I'd say Roczen or #25. The whoops are his problem but he is a great rider all around. He gets wonderful, consistent starts, he is level headed and doesn't make Tomac mistakes, and when it gets rough those Europeans know how to handle that bike (He tends to be really quick when the whoops get rough and they start skipping through them).

  5. how is Eli the best rider in this series ?? lol HE FUCKING crashed and he had the lead really ??

  6. I find myself getting through the whoops better on the 2018 tracks than the 2017 tracks but now I’m struggling with the triples. Mostly play on a 250. Anyone have any setup tips?

  7. I find it weird how much the sport has changed over the years. I cant really pinpoint what happened but over the past couple years I feel like the start has become the make or break moment, which was never the case. For example, when someone makes predictions for a winner, they always say something like "if he gets a start, then…" which never happened before. 8 years ago if you thought Stewart or Reed was the fastest, you were confident that they would come through the pack. Its weird that Roczen, Musquin, Tomac all need starts too win.


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