Houston Rockets vs Minnesota Timberwolves 1st Half Highlights / Game 1 / 2018 NBA Playoffs – Houston Video

?Houston Rockets vs Minnesota Timberwolves 1st Half Highlights

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  1. D.Rose should have been in the Game more. Dumb ass shot by Jimmy Butler

  2. Butler and Towns choked HARD, only DRose and Crawford delivered. It wasn't enough to beat a red-hot James Harden playing at Michael Jordan level.

  3. timberwolves lost 104-101 rockets lead (1-0)
    leading scorer
    james harden 44 points 8 assists and capela 24 points 12 rebounds
    andrew wiggins 18 pts and jeff teague 15 points jimmy butler 13 points, missed game tying shot.

  4. Harden fouled Wiggins in the end. Should have sent him to free throw line, but refs had other ideas.

  5. Timberwolves could have won this easily so many opportunities for towns to get easy buckets but instead they take a shot and miss and on top of that James harden traveled so many times ? and why the hell did they give the ball to Jimmy and the end should given in to Jamal or Wiggins

  6. Minnesota lost this game and all critics were to the fact that one of the best player Karl Anthony Town almost did not see the ball during the whole game, he just scored 8 points, and he was not in the position of pick and roll which is the most effective position, and all along the game the commentators were talking about this. how can you relegate an scorer player just to pass and rebound when this player has been the key to the success team during the whole season? that was a Hugh difference, and those points were needed .

  7. I had to stop watching just to post the Harden travle at 3:50. wtf?

  8. 4:54 damn why the hell nba allow that obvious travel… That harden step back are always mostly travel!! Fuck!!

  9. everytime d rose runs i get scared, i can feel my heart beating, please d rose take care

  10. D rose giving this twolves hopes

  11. Yo le voy a los rockets pero me da gusto que Dereck rose vuelva a jugar poco a poco, si dió tristeza como una joven promesa de desvanecía

  12. 4:52 fuck you nba!!! That stupid fucker step back twice and it's not a travel!!!!! How can someone guard that stupid move!! Even a 7 footer cannot reach harden with that travel!! Harden's 3s are always mostly wide open because of that blatant travel!!

  13. Like if you think the timberwolves will make a comeback. #drose

  14. idk why cavs gave up rose and dwade such a stupid organization.

  15. It's nice to see D Rose getting back to the flow??


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