Cowboys Free Agency Mailbag On Signing HaHa Clinton-Dix, Justin Houston, Ndamukong Suh, Golden Tate? – Houston Video

Cowboys Free Agency Rumors have been buzzing around what players the Dallas Cowboys could sign in free agency. While many of the big players are off the market, several notable names could still be targets. Cowboys Report host Tom Downey answers questions on which players Dallas could sign, like Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Justin Houston and Ndamukong Suh.

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NFL Free Agency is in full-swing (even if it doesn’t technically start) until Wednesday, with several big names off the market. But a lot of good players are still left. Cowboys Report host Tom Downey answers your questions on several big names and their chances of landing with the Dallas Cowboys. They include, Justin Houston, Kevin White, a Duke Johnson Trade, Ndamukong Suh, Jay Ajayi, Golden Tate, Dez Bryant, TJ Yeldon and so many more, including Le’Veon Bell.

Here’s a complete list of the topics from the Cowboys Report!

– Signing Justin Houston?
– Adding Blake Bortles?
– Signing Kevin White?
– Interest In CJ Anderson?
– Adding Henry Anderson?
– Trading For Duke Johnson?
– 49ers vs. Cowboys For Earl Thomas?
– Drafting A Safety?
– Re-signing Rod Smith?
– Going After Ndamukong Suh?
– Signing Jay Ajayi
– Golden Tate Replacing Cole Beasley?
– Shane Ray or Bruce Irvin Addition?
– Dez Bryant Return?
– Ty Montgomery Addition?
– Realistic Free Agent Targets?
– Signing A CB And Moving Awuzie To Safety?
– Drafting Jalen Hurd
– Adding Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
– Barry Church Return?
– Add TJ Yeldon?
– Sign Le’Veon Bell?

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  1. What free agent still unsigned (not named Earl Thomas) do you want the Cowboys to add?

  2. Tate to replace/upgrade Beasley

  3. We've done really well in the draft in recent years (besides Taco) I'm hoping we get a decent TE, WR, or S. Any one or all of those.

  4. #Trade, what would it take to trade for Rashard Higgins?

  5. Do you think the cowboys will go after Eric Berry or Ha Ha Clinton Dix????

  6. Ty Montgomery is a cancer. Anyone who disobeys a coach's direct instructions to NOT run the fucking ball out of the endzone and still does it anyways and thereby costing his team a game is not someone for this team.

  7. They wil not do anything major/they are Drafting most spots.Hopefully waiting for one ,more miserable season. Then maybe a New coach and staff will appear. Off subject, they just let one of the most clutch receivers, and go to guy we have had in along time. Total F7%%% idiots.Beasley would not have wanted out if they mad any freakin attempt to get him the ball,and payed him well. How many 3rd down plays did he produce in? Quickly forget that huh. I have been a fan since 1975, and I have never felt so angry, confused and hopeless about my Cowboys. Its to the point where I dont care a shit,at least until this whole thing is turned around, up to and Including a Quarter back if he does not become a more of a passing threat.I am seriously considering not ordering NFL ticket next year, unless I want to follow Baker Mayfield and a real Browns team.

  8. Helping the Safety and D line spot should be the only objective

  9. Golden tate would be a big offense help 💯

  10. Tomorrow do a video, Erick berry just got cut or something like that, sign him cowboys

  11. Cowboys ain't picking up any F.A.,and please stop with fatso CJ Anderson and any of the FA QBs our backups are better than any of them and as far as RBs We can find better in the draft

  12. I like Johnnie Dixon to replace Beasley

  13. Cowboys always watch on the sidelines while everyone else picks up the big names

  14. #FA Interest In Eric Berry? How much would he could about?

  15. What round do you think Andy Isabella will be drafted ?

  16. Will thornhill still be on the board by the 58th pick ?

  17. I feel like we had one goal and that was to sign Earl, but we totally failed so I guess next up for us is to sign a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string punters and kickers which we are very well known for. I think we should go after Eric Berry, a golden opportunity presents itself twice for an all-world safety.

  18. The cowboys should sign RG3 and tre Boston

  19. Golden Tate beast in the slot

  20. Don't sugar coat the lameness if stephen Jones , generational dysfunctional football execs, the Jones🐤

  21. Haha im laughing at clinic signing. Are you serious … He did nothing for the redskins and you want him with us. Please. He isnt even a shell of himself

  22. What do you think of Taco?
    I think he needs a chance to prove himself. If hes on the other side of D Law. I feel the edge rush would be unstoppable.

  23. What do you think about the LB’s in free agency and the draft #need

  24. No on Ha-Ha!!! The dude can't cover AT ALL and he's not much better than Heath in run support….always taking bad angles. I think Boston would be a better fit.

    I'm kinda torn on what Dallas is doing this offseason. Picking up Witten & resigning Cam Flemming are good moves. But letting DLaw wallow under the franchise tag when the 1 big fish you would've signed has gotten away is just beyond stupid. PAY THE MAN!!! Offer him damn near Khalil Mack money. He's never been a Defensive MVP like Mack or Donald so he doesn't deserve THAT money. But he's played close enough & is clearly the Cowboys DMVP.

    If the Cowboys start extending their own, then I'll start feeling better about the offseason.

  25. #FA Maybe Josh Gordon one of the best receivers for 7 years 7.5M

  26. Slot receive, Andy Isabella or ? I don't like when people say that they don't like the small frame guys like Andy, but he's bigger than Cole Beasley, AND by the way Andy Isabella would be the FASTEST WR they would have.

  27. Ha Ha Clinton Dix? What a joke! The Packers don't want him cause he can't play! Why the heck should we want him? You can get players who can't for cheap all day long…how about, lets focus on improving the team Tom?

  28. #Cowboys
    Cowboys drafting Safety Juan Thornhill?

  29. #cowboys
    Any update on demarcus Lawrence?

  30. Dak NEEDS To go, he's no good for cowboys.. believe what I'm saying.. I'm a die hard cowboy fan, but DAK needs to go… just watch guys, you'll see..

  31. Cowboys always make a lot of noise and end up doing nothing, and then everyone wonders why we're underachievers


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