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The first thing Florida cops noticed was the footprints. They began near the entrance to the expensive Pompano Beach oceanfront townhouse: size-12 sneaker outlines, stamped in blood. They wound up a flight of stairs to the second … Full News here – Houston Press | Complete Issue

Company Bracing and potent as a vodka stinger, Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s mordant, multiple Tony Award-winning “musical comedy” on marriage, commitment and New York City is the ultimate That ’70s Show. The musical (1970), dry and abrasive as sandpaper, ushered in the decade an… Full News here – Houston Press | Complete Issue

Broadway at the Box The Music Box Theater is a repertory group of three women and two men — they sing, they dance, they act, they reminisce about their childhoods, they do solos and they do ensemble numbers, all this with such a sense of togetherness, of fun, of personal enjoyment that … Full News…

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