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‘Politics really isn’t my specialty,” shrugs Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) to a naval commander (Charles Dance) in an early job interview scene in Morten Tyldum’s choppy biopic The Imitation Game. Yet no less than Winston Churchill would credit Turing as the main cause of the A… Full News here – Houston Press | Complete Issue

The fake space shuttle, renamed Independence, arrived in Galveston in June 2012. People lined the docks and watched as workers hauled the inert, gleaming white thing as if it were a dead whale being tugged to shore. When it was decreed that … Full News here – Houston Press | Complete Issue

Houston man takes money out of his 401k to give reward for lost cat's return Keith Hardin of Houston, Texas loves his cat, Dolly. So when someone broke into his apartment last December and Dolly was nowhere to be found, poor Keith was devastated. As he told KHOU Channel 11 News, “She's just like a…

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