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“Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” — Andy Dufresne, The Shawshank Redemption If there was a professional football hell last fall, it probably had a 77054 ZIP code. We all lived the Houston Texans’ 2-14 season … Full News here – Houston Press…

The fake space shuttle, renamed Independence, arrived in Galveston in June 2012. People lined the docks and watched as workers hauled the inert, gleaming white thing as if it were a dead whale being tugged to shore. When it was decreed that … Full News here – Houston Press | Complete Issue

Mild spoilers up to The Bridge‘s ninth episode below. Artisanal murders are all the rage these days. On Showtime’s Dexter, NBC’s Hannibal, and Fox’s The Following, small-batch, labor-intensive, sold-with-a-story slaughters have become TV’s equivalent of … Full News here – Houston Press | Complete Issue

Four years ago, on assignment for The Comics Journal, I asked Robert Kirkman a tough question about his Walking Dead comic series, a question that now, after the TV adaptation’s third-season finale, is still resonant: Why are all the strong female characters either crazy or d… Full News here – Houston Press | Complete Issue

Official Houston We Have A Problem Festival Trailer – Houston Video

The Official 2013 HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM FESTIVAL Trailer – Featuring Breathe Carolina, Chiodos, Escape the Fate, Motionless in White, Chelsea Grin, Norma Jean, Attila, Betraying the Martyrs, Ice Nine Kills, Buried in Verona, and Mouth of the South. — Buy Tickets Here: concerts.livenation.com Official Facebook Page:www.facebook.com

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