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There’s a divide as soon as you enter through the heavy glass doors and head toward the imposing limestone hostess stand. To the right, the dining area is filled with four-tops and families silently slicing into ruddy, mole-covered strip steaks and colorful salads featuring eggplant-hued o… Full News here – Houston Press | Complete Issue

Thirty-three people who were aboard the Carnival Triumph last year have sued the cruise line. Debra Oubre of Friendswood is one of them. She said she has not been the same since the ill-fated voyage in February of 2013. Full News here – KHOU – News – Neighborhood News

How retrograde are many of the core tenets of the Disney princess? Consider this: My daughter owns a book called Snow White’s Secret, in which Disney’s royal archetype reveals her devilish hidden life: When the Dwarfs are working at the mine, she sneaks into their cottage and joyfull… Full News here – Houston Press |…

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